#787 The Imaginarium

Dreamland Designs Victoria Rococo Bedroom Gacha @The Imaginarium 
Bedside Table
Golden Lamp
Antique Frame
Plant Vase
Dressing Mirror
Fringe Rug
Antique Books
 Metal Lamp
Crystal Chandelier

3rd Eye  Faelight Music Box 3, 4 @The Imaginarium 

[Lomomo] RoseBalcony skybox ver.2.0 Pink[Ggift]


Why No LM or MP Links?

Because i haven't a Flickr pro account. According to Flickr, free accounts can't linking to a store in Second Life, is considered commercial activity.. Linking to a blog that links to a store is also considered commercial activity.Anything linking to where a transaction can take place is commercial, No matter how many steps put between, even if you are not the one set to gain counts as commercial activity.

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