#615 Gachagarden

22769 -Home Therapy @Gachagarden
Autumn House RARE
Nest Chair SOI
Table Lamp
Autumn Frame
Basket with Blanket
Cotton sofa
Modern Oven
Autumn Greetings
Modern sideboard
Muted Rug
Scented Candle
Spiral Cooffe Table
Triangle Ottoman
Tripod Floor Lamp

{Why Not ?} Applecross Livingroom Wall Art Frames
{Why Not ?} Applecross Livingroom Candles & Bowls
{Why Not ?} Applecross Livingroom Mantle Elephant
{Why Not ?} Applecross Livingroom Floor Plant 


Why No LM or MP Links?

Because i haven't a Flickr pro account. According to Flickr, free accounts can't linking to a store in Second Life, is considered commercial activity.. Linking to a blog that links to a store is also considered commercial activity.Anything linking to where a transaction can take place is commercial, No matter how many steps put between, even if you are not the one set to gain counts as commercial activity.

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